A pharmacist by trade and a mother of two, I got the idea of writing a children's book from a family who lived down the street from us several years ago. Over the years, I jotted down ideas on my church bulletin and finally thought it was time to make the thought become a reality . Wishing that I had something like this when my kids were growing up, I followed through and wrote Make Room for the Manger hoping to introduce a new tradition into homes all around. 

Understanding that Christmastime is still about Santa Claus and Christmas trees and parties and certainly not taking away from any of that, I feel that it is important for us not to lose focus on the real reason we celebrate Christmas which is the birth of Jesus.

The book gives instructions of what to do with the manger and the hay and the baby Jesus. There is also a prayer for the children to recite in the book as they prepare the manger for Christmas Day. Then Christmas morning baby Jesus is placed in the manger, and you sing "Happy Birthday" to the King!

As of now, the manger set is available for wholesale and is in stores in MS, TN, AL, and LA. You can order directly online!

I hope your family loves this book and manger set as much as I do! Thanks for taking time to
Make Room for the Manger! May God Bless you,

                                                        Karen Stephens